The Norfolk Terrier Club Established in 2009 is the only breed club affiliated with the American Kennel Club. We are proud members of the Norfolk Terrier Club.


Strafford Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital and welcomes both emergency cases as well as pets in need of routine medical, surgical, reproductive, or dental care. This is the vet we use. We highly recommend Strafford Veterinary Clinic to anyone in the area.


The American Kennel Club the most esteemed registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.  All of our Norfolk Terriers are AKC registered.


The North Arkansas Kennel Club is an AKC all-breed, obedience, and agility dog club located in north central Arkansas.    The club teamed up with the Ozarks Dog Club in Springfield Missouri to host the 4-day Ozark Mountain Fall Cluster that is held every year in November.  Jerry is currently the club Show Chairman.


Purina Pro Plan dog food is fed to many of the top performing dogs.   We have personally spoken to the Purina nutritionist and have done independent research.  We feed Purina Pro Plan dog food, and we recommend it without reservations.


Impact Dog Crates have discontinued the 18x24 crates.

Impact Dog Crates are made from space-grade aluminum and are safe, strong, and secure. These creates have been proven to keep your dog safer than traditional crates in even of automobile accident.  Impact Dog Crates can be stacked and easily maneuvered using the wheel cart making them great for ringside.  Impact Dog Crates are the best crates I have ever owned. I highly recommend Impact Dog Crates.


Almost all of us know about  Here are a few items that are great buys on amazon:

Here is a link for a 24 x 18 x 19 inch dog crate. These are ideal size for a Norfolk. I have several of these and do recommend them.  Price fluctuates but average $20-25 dollars new and as low as $16 used.

Here is a link to privacy covers for the above crates. These usually sell for around $9.


Ryan's Pet Supplies is an online store serving the pet community. We have purchased many dog show supplies from Ryan's Pet Supplies. Sometimes their website has an issue where the shipping cost is not calculated correctly. I spoke to a representative and they are working on this problem. If you need something from Ryan's Pet Supplies and the shipping cost does not seem reasonable, call them and they will take care of it. Excellent customer service.


Online store for pet supplies ranging from pet food, toys, treats, plus so much more. Not just a site for dogs, they specialize in most pet supplies. Discounts often available on everyday items like dog food and treats.  I often have my dog food shipped directly from Chewy.