This website is designed not only to showcase our breeding program, but to also provide useful information about the Norfolk Terrier breed.  The website is constantly being updated to provide viewers with a simple layout encompassing a vast amount of easy to read information.

About Us

Our sires and dams are AKC Champions and some are AKC Grand Champions. We are members in good standing with the Norfolk Terrier Club. Our goal is to maintain the breed in accordance with the breed standard.

Someone once said if you are going to be successful breeding and showing dogs you need to be a kennel.  They were referring to increased numbers for selective breeding of desired traits.  Considering our dogs are part of the family and live in our homes, it is not feasible for us to have a large number of Norfolks.  For this reason Jerry O'Dell and I teamed up.  Joshua McCutcheon lives in Branson MO and breeds under the kennel name Klofron, and Jerry O'Dell lives in Flippin Arkansas under the name Jaylarks. If you are interested in a puppy please contact us. We do limited breeding and do not always have puppies available.  Contact information located on home page.

Introduction to the Norfolk Terriers

The breed originally evolved with the Norwich Terrier as one single breed. Over time the prick eared and drop eared sub-classes split into into two separate breeds. The prick eared are the Norwich and the drop eared are the Norfolk Terriers. See our breed history page for more information on this.

Norfolk Terriers are small dogs with large personalities. Originally bred for ridding farms of vermin the Norfolk is a fearless, loyal, and affectionate dog. They are adaptive, hardy, and generally healthy.   Norfolks are playful and puppy-like throughout their life easily living 13-15 years.

Norfolks are charmers. They often pose with a front leg up off the ground and have irresistible expressions that can melt your heart. They can be mischievous at times but will earn forgiveness quickly with their charming personality. Some Norfolks will "talk" to you in a low rolling gargle sounds.  Interestingly they only seem to do this with human companions and not fellow Norfolks.  More common as puppies, although the majority of our Norfolks do this throughout their life. There is a short clip of our Lucy "talking" to us below.

Norfolks are great companions for young children. Remember to always supervise young children with any dog.