Grooming can start around 3-4 month of age.  Begin by brushing weakly with a boar bristle brush and metal comb. After your puppy is accustom to this begin to start pulling out the guard hairs.   The guard hairs, or sometimes called puppy coat, are much longer and darker than the rest of the coat. Do this by hand grabbing the hair and pulling out in the direction of hair growth.  The aid of a stripping knife will allow you to grip these hairs easier.  We recommend something similar to the True Grit Stripping knives shown on this website.  These are great for fine hairs.

If the puppy has a soft coat doing a full stripping by six weeks to allow new coat to grow in and improve texture.

The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain have included a page on their website with instructions to groom a Norfolk Terrier.  Here is the link: